Hello, my name is Paige and I have been with Dr. Bowman soon after he opened his practice in Kalamazoo on East Cork Street in 1985. My primary position with Kalamazoo Orthodontics has been as the director of the clinical staff. One of the things I have enjoyed most has been watching the growth and the metamorphosis of the practice throughout its history. When we first started, we only had three of us, Dr. and Mrs. Bowman and me. Over the years, we've added many wonderful employees that have made our practice thrive. We've helped numerous people with their bites and also unveiled so many incredible smiles! Now we're seeing many of those same patients coming back with their own children for us to treat, and that is so very satisfying. I think that working with all the kids in our three practices has given me more understanding when dealing with my own children. It also confirms that my children are no different from other children, too.

I have a loving husband and six children (several are patients here) including a special needs child. Each of my kids is unique and it seems that my family life most days is like a scene from the movie, Breakfast Club. At this time in my life, all my free time is wrapped-up in raising and watching my children grow into interesting individuals.