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The portage office is great because I love the workers and all the decorations there. Every time I go I always get helped right away and my worker is always great. Sometimes they don't always inform me of what I'm going to get that day but in the end I always end up knowing. Overall it's a great orthodontist to go to.

The Kalamazoo Orthodontics is helping me straighten my teeth and make it less crowded and that is working great far!!!!! Thank you Kazoo Orthodontist!

Using the AcceleDent System is both quick and easy. Each day I only have to use the device for 20 minutes which goes by quickly because I can read or watch T.V. Each Orthodontic visit makes my teeth hurt but using the AcceleDent once or twice after a visit really lessens the pain which is great. Dr. Bowman told me that my progress is going well because of the AcceleDent device which I am thankful for. As an adult I would like to have these braces taken off as soon as possible. Thank you Dr. Bowman.

I am very glad that DR BOWMAN let me use the AcceleDent system. It has helped my teeth a lot.